Hello everyone interested in the Homeopathic version of HCG

You may have used the HCG Drops or Pellets or even the new Patches over the years or are on the HCG Diet now.

Also many people use our ’10x More Potent than HCG Patch’ and The ‘Super Patch’ as an alternative to HCG.

If you have concerns or questions  re the HCG, 10X or Super Patch Diet now then you have come to the right place.

My name is JenBella Nova and I own Nova Homeopathic or The Nova Clinic in Australia.

Established in 1982.

We have been manufacturing HCG Drops and Pellets for well over fifteen years. We have a contractor bottling our HCG drops for for those who still want this old way of taking HCG –  but now manufacture and specialize in HCG SILICONE PATCHES.

We feel the Patches will well outsell/replace the drops and pellets within a couple of years. They just about have already really, our Patches are awesome.

Really why would you place drops under your tongue many times a day rather than just stick our Silicone Patch on your belly once a week. No comparison right!

NOVA HCG PATCHES are more potent and do the job very well with no hassle.


Heaps of great things to read and support you while dieting.

Using bad language, abusing another company or us, or selling/promoting anything will get you permanently kicked off this forum. It is to help people not just parrot others negative views.

There is enough business for everyone; so we need to support each other.

Natural Medicine (homeopathic especially) is misunderstood by many so we must only rise our energy and only pass on positive, professional feedback.

The Homeopathic version of HCG works as thousands of happy people world-wide will attest to, but we don’t rubbish other types and have the right to go the natural as in non-chemical way if we wish to. It does work that’s why it sells so well.

Log in, and start talking………..or don’t log on just to read.

Wishing you the best of success in your weight loss journey, you will succeed!!

Blessings from JenBella & all staff at The Nova Clinic, Australia